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Due to Great Response, you must   book in advance   and Select  "Sensory Room Haircut"

    All Sensory Room Appointments start at $25 for first hour.... $15 for each additional 20 mins.

for individuals with a Special Unique Need... Such as, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, PTSD, Anxiety, Wheelchair friendly, Medically Challenged 

Compicated Disorders Require Specialized Education

The Lock &  Tots sensory room stylist works to understand each clients unique needs. She is a master stylist with over 25 yrs experience cutting hair on moving targets.  She has studied autism and other disorders for over 23 yrs. & offers a graduate degree in the Cognitive Sciences. 

Tear Free Haircuts Take TIME!!!

We see great looking haircuts by the 4th-6th visit with most clients.  With many clients, they need time to become comfortable in the environment & learn to trust the stylist. The more often a client comes the faster we see dramatic results. It helps the stylist get to know & remember the clients needs and, it helps the child establish a positive ROUTINE. 

We understand a child that has a scary experience will not willingly come back to visit.  Our goal is that the child look forward to their next visit.

ALL age & disabilites welcome

The sensory room is designed to meet the needs of many different individuals. The goal is to offer a safe place for individuals that have a hard time in a typical salon environment. 

Privacy is Key

It is best if the client is not overwhelmed. One way this is acheived is by limiting the number of others in the room. We have had the best outcomes when the client and the stylist are the only two in the room. In some cases ONE additional "helper" is beneficial. 

Everything Is Optional

We let the child feel in control of the experience by listening to their body language. Our "Jedi Jackets" allow the child put the cape on like a jacket and gives them access to their hands. 

The seating options allows them to choose and have "A WAY OUT" when they become overwhelmed and need a break. 

Haircuts are can be Clippers or Scissors, depending on which one the clients can tolerate.

Establishing "rules"

For the stylist to work with the client she needs to be able to establish the "rules" of the room. For example she offers "HER TOYS" for the client to play with, but only if the client allows her to "Play" with their hair. Most clients quickly learn to play this game and are motivated enough by the TOYS to allow the stylist to touch their hair/head. 

In most cases it's best if the client doesn't bring their own items into the room. 

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Communicate past experiences

Let the stylist know what past hair cutting experiences have been like for the client.  This information is very helpful in determining where to start and how much the client is able to handle. 

Share with the stylist the specific sensitivites the client contends with on a daily basis. Are they sensitive to sound? light? touch? movement? etc. This information with help the stylist adjust the environment to meet the specific needs of each client. 

Building a Relationship

The ultimate goal is for the client and the stylist to build a good relationship. The quality of the haircut will come with time. Due to this goal, we will not push a client past their tolerance level. If the stylist see the client has hit their limit the haircut process with be ended. Finishing a haircut is far less important than establishing trust. When the client has either had a traumatic experiences or has extreme sensitivities the haircut will take more time and may not be the best "work" the first visit or two. 
As the reationship is developed and the client becomes at ease at Autism Hairapy Hair Studio the quality of the haircut will also improve. 

Parent/Client Dynamics

The parent/client dynamics play a big role in the final outcome of the salon visit. As parents, we ALL want our child to perform well. When the child is being "difficult" and not cooperating most parents become frustrated. THIS IS A NORMAL reaction. 

However, as the parent becomes more and more frustrated, they also become stressed. This stress is felt by the client and the stylist. Please do not be offended if the stylist asks you to "go relax in the waiting room". It is only ment to reduce everyones stress levels.  Enjoy the break!!!

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Learn about our PrivateScience Based Sensory Sensitive Therapy Room


We take "Autism Awareness" to the next level.     We're Autism Serious

Designed for, but not limited to...

  • Individuals with special needs

  • (Adults or Children)

  • Autism

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Down Syndrome

  • Visually Impaired

  • Wheelchair friendly

  • PTSD 

  • Anxiety issues

  • Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Medically Challenged 

  • Demetia

  • Alzheimers

  • Chemo patient

  • & SO MUCH MORE...

Due to the unpredictable nature of our sensory sensitive salon clients, we cannot guarantee that you will be seen exactly at your scheduled appointment time.  Our goal is to earn our clients trust and often have to help them overcome prior BAD hair care experiences. We work at our clients speed. This means some clients may require more time than others and appointment times are not set in stone.